YGC Board of Directors

Stevan H. Goldman
Co-Founder & Director

Stevan H. Goldman has been leading software development in the debt collection industry for more than 30 years. He designed and wrote a legal collection case management software system in 1977 while working as a clerk in his father's law office. In 1978 he founded Commercial Legal Software (CLS) to continue to develop, license and support that software, called Collection-MasterĀ®. Collection-Master is used in collection, subrogation and foreclosure specialist law firms throughout the United States. Mr. Goldman remains as President and Chief Operating Officer of CLS.

After co-founding YGC Solutions, in 2000 he designed and developed YGC 1.0, a cloud-based data conduit. Since upgraded to YGC 3.0, the service improves industry governance through its ability to apply both data integrity and business practice standards to the data it processes. YGC is used by more than 750 collection professionals including debt issuers, owners and servicers throughout the US.