May 16, 2012
YGC To Complete Data Center Migration

Over the weekend of May 19th, YGC will complete the migration of its operations to its new, higher capacity hosting facility. As a result, the system will be unavailable from 10:00 pm ET Friday, May 18th until 9:00 am ET Monday, May 21st. After the conversion the YGC system will work, look and feel the same as before.

'We are managing this transition very carefully to be sure our clients are not impacted adversely,' said YGC CEO, Tom Mucher. 'Given the nature of our business, it is of vital importance to us that our customers be unaffected by changes like this.'

How will the conversion affect users?
Since YGC is changing only the system infrastructure and not the software, the transition is expected to be seamless from a user perspective. To ensure data integrity we will suspend all inventory change key requests, new user adds and user password resets from 8:00 pm ET Wednesday, May 16th until 9:00 am ET Monday, May 21st.

On Friday, May 18th, YGC will process the 10pm ET Mailman run, with the deliveries available for FTP retrieval until 1:00 am ET Saturday. If the 10:00 pm Mailman deliveries are not downloaded prior to 1:00 am ET, the delivery files will again be available for download either via FTP or the Data Exchange website at 9:00 am ET on Monday.

YGC clients should not attempt to upload any files to the YGC Inbox after 10:00 pm ET Friday May 18th. Any files that are uploaded to the YGC Inbox between 10:00 pm ET and the final FTP cut-off at 1:00 am ET Saturday will not be processed until the next available Mailman run on 10:00 am ET, Monday, May 21st.

Will the system be down during the transition?
Yes. In order to minimize risk, our systems will be down from 10:00 pm ET on Friday, May 18th until 9:00 am ET on Monday, May 21st.

Will the way I transmit files change?
No. Whether you use the YGC web interface or ftp via ftp.youvegotclaims.com, the file transfer process will remain the same.

Why is YGC making this change?
The new hosting environment will provide for additional capacity, as well as improvements in performance and reliability.

Is there a backup plan?
Yes. To provide a reliable fallback mechanism, our new environment will operate in parallel with our existing systems before and after the system cut over.