April 30, 2013
Claims, Compliance, Client Service - YGC part of the Solution

You want Claims, Compliance, Client Service

YGC Solutions delivers!

We are well known for facilitating your ability to send and receive claims in a seamless manner. But did you also know that YGC Solutions helps you remain in compliance, particularly as regulations frequently change? Just one example is YGC Solution's latest addition of a "reseller record," which allows for identifying the chain of title for the entire lifespan of a claim. Also, we will soon release a complaint management module that will allow you to track and address debtor complaints, helping you stay compliant.

YGC Solutions also focuses on support and client services and goes the extra mile to make certain that your experience is the best it can be. Jeannette Howard, Client Services Manager for YGC Solutions will be at our booth at the NARCA Spring 2013 Conference in Las Vegas. Stop by Booth #400 and chat about how we can enhance your client experience working with YGC Solutions. Along with Jeannette, Fred Booker, VP - Business Development and Marketing, Alan Heger, VP of Technology Services, and Jeffrey Zuck, co-founder of YGC Solutions will also be in Las Vegas to answer your questions.

YGC Solutions would love to know how we can help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can better serve the collection industry's needs.