August 20, 2013
YGC Rewards Solutions

 If you are interested in sharing a problem in need of a solution or if YGC has helped provide a solution to a problem,  send an e-mail to Jeannette Howard at jhoward@ygcsolutions.com.  If your submission is selected, you will be featured in YGC Rewards Solutions and will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card.

Our thanks and a $100 Visa Gift Card has been sent to Rance Willey of Troy Capital for submitting the following problem and solution:  

The Problem:  Shortly after Troy Capital became a client of YGC Solutions in 2012, they discovered a limitation in their collection software. This limitation made it virtually impossible for them to obtain useful and accurate updates on work activities and key event milestones as reported by the firms assigned to their accounts.  Troy Capital invested significant resources with multiple sources to try to create a viable solution without having to undergo major reprogramming of their software – all to no avail.  Without a solution they would not be able to use the power of YGC Solutions to its fullest extent.  So, they turned to the team at YGC for help.
The YGC Solution:  Alan Heger, Freddy DeJesus, Jeannette Howard and the creative Development Team evaluated the situation.  They determined  the best solution was to build a unique application allowing Troy Capital to drop a file sent by YGC Solutions into its own system which would return a file that converted YGC PCODES into Troy Capital’s own internal coding.  PCODES are standard/generic codes used to indicate status changes and record notes related to collection/legal activities on accounts. All that Troy Capital needed to do was a once-only step:   enter the PCODE into the table and map it to their own code.
At the time, Troy Capital also wanted to add an additional level of data integrity and compliance. They decided to implement an additional product YGC Solutions offers - “Unapproved PCODE Rejection.”  This allows a sender to identify specific PCODES they require their receivers to provide.  YGC Solutions triggers a rejection (or Returned Record) to alert the receiver they need to re-send an approved PCODE for a particular sender.  Without this utility, the original sender may never receive an accurate update on the account. This additional feature is critical to not only have effective inventory control, but is also a cornerstone of fulfilling compliance requirement audit trails.
YGC Solutions’ Technical Support and Customer Support teams provided the application, installation, training, and any additional support required by Troy Capital.