March 29, 2012
YGC to Pursue GSA Schedule, Expanding Availability to Federal Agencies

YGC, an integrated, web-based debt management platform to place and manage inventory, audit accounts, and analyze and optimize portfolio performance, announced plans today to apply for a GSA Schedule and actively pursue federal contracts. Federal officials consult GSA Schedules when procuring goods and services, knowing that companies on these schedules have been qualified by the General Services Administration (GSA).

Widely used in the private sector, YGC's services are very relevant to governmental agencies with receivables that require collection effort. YGC is the industry leader in providing 'Intelligent Placement Management', (IPM), a platform that combines placement management and delivery of data to improve liquidation, optimize account strategies, reduce errors and minimize manual labor. Using YGC, creditors and debt owners are able to place, audit and optimize recoveries across multiple portfolios with ease and efficiency.

'We think we have a lot to offer the government,' remarked Tom Mucher, YGC President and Chief Executive Officer. 'By obtaining GSA certification we will make it that much easier for government officials at all levels to use YGC for managing their delinquent receivables.'

YGC has selected GSA Applications to manage their application and tender process, including application preparation, submission and negotiations with government contractors at the GSA.

About YGC Solutions:

Founded in 2001, YGC combines the largest network of agencies, law firms and data enhancement companies with enterprise-class business intelligence tools to deliver the industry's pre-eminent placement management solution. Five of the top ten credit card issuers and three of the top five debt buyers are among YGC's more than 750 clients. Our clients have collectively placed more than 50 million accounts through YGC.

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