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YGC Solutions Joins Vertican Technologies, Inc.

YGC Solutions Joins Vertican Technologies, Inc.

Vertican Technologies, Inc. of Montville, NJ (VTI)… [full story]

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YGC Rewards Solutions

 If… [full story]

Company Announcement
Claims, Compliance, Client Service - YGC part of the Solution

You want Claims, Compliance, Client Service

YGC Solutions delivers!

We are well known for facilitating… [full story]

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Top Reasons Agencies and Attorneys Sign Up With YGC

  1. Instant eligibility with our network of creditors and debt buyers nationwide. Bringing on a new agency can be a lot of work for a creditor. Agencies that are part of the YGC network have a leg up with YGC creditors and debt buyers, since the systems integration is already done.
  2. Immediate delivery. Collection accounts are a wasting asset. The sooner you can start your work, the more likely you will get paid and collect your fee. With YGC, your placements arrive faster, giving you an advantage over other agencies collecting on a time lag from you.
  3. Lower IT costs. Once you integrate your systems with YGC, adding more creditors is a snap. Gone are the days when you had to adapt your system to the peculiarity of each creditor's data formats and delivery requirements.
  4. Less audit hassle. YGC makes it possible for creditors to do the bulk of their compliance and performance auditing remotely. As a result you have fewer in person visits to manage and no costs or time wasted establishing remote audit facilities for new clients.
  5. Amazing analytics. YGC’s powerful business intelligence tools make it possible for you to see at a glance how you are performing against the criteria each individual creditor is using to judge your performance. Because you know exactly where you are with each creditor at all times, it is easier to stay ahead of relationship issues that can lead to loss of business.