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YGC Solutions Joins Vertican Technologies, Inc.

YGC Solutions Joins Vertican Technologies, Inc.

Vertican Technologies, Inc. of Montville, NJ (VTI)… [full story]

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YGC Rewards Solutions

 If… [full story]

Company Announcement
Claims, Compliance, Client Service - YGC part of the Solution

You want Claims, Compliance, Client Service

YGC Solutions delivers!

We are well known for facilitating… [full story]

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What Happens If You Don’t Use YGC?

Best case: you have a lot of work ahead of you. To get all your clients or providers to connect to you electronically is going to take a lot of effort. If you use YGC all that work is eliminated because YGC has already connected more than 700 credit grantors, debt buyers, agencies and law firms, all using a common format for transferring data among themselves.

Worst case: you are going to miss out on new business and lose existing clients. For many creditors, establishing an electronic connection is a pre-requisite for handling their work. Establishing an electronic connection can be a big deal for both parties. With YGC you don’t have to be concerned that your firm will be excluded from the consideration list due to lack of electronic connectivity when the creditor is choosing new agencies and law firms.

YGC’s powerful business intelligence tools make it possible for our agency and law firm customers to see at a glance how they are performing against the criteria their customers are using to judge their performance. If you don’t know exactly where you are with your customer at all times, you can run into relationship issues that lead to loss of business.