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YGC Solutions Joins Vertican Technologies, Inc.

YGC Solutions Joins Vertican Technologies, Inc.

Vertican Technologies, Inc. of Montville, NJ (VTI)… [full story]

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YGC Rewards Solutions

 If… [full story]

Company Announcement
Claims, Compliance, Client Service - YGC part of the Solution

You want Claims, Compliance, Client Service

YGC Solutions delivers!

We are well known for facilitating… [full story]

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Professional Services

Our professional services focus on helping our customers meet their operational needs through specialty reporting utilizing YGC Business Intelligence and technology.

YGC’s professional service team and business consultants are prepared to partner with you to optimize productivity, efficiency and recovery using the following approach:

  • Define the business case for change and techology investment
  • Assess fit and functionality of YGC’s solutions with your business strategies, processes and technology
  • Define optimal implementation approach, work effort, schedule and resource requirements

YGC also offers other services, such as inventory reconciliations and performance enhancement consulting, that include advanced data analytics reporting and specialized report requests.

We help our clients with conceptual planning and proposal support as needed, based on our industry and product expertise. In addition, we work with clients to analyze their operational and administrative workflows for potential simplification.