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YGC Solutions Joins Vertican Technologies, Inc.

YGC Solutions Joins Vertican Technologies, Inc.

Vertican Technologies, Inc. of Montville, NJ (VTI)… [full story]

Company Announcement
YGC Rewards Solutions

 If… [full story]

Company Announcement
Claims, Compliance, Client Service - YGC part of the Solution

You want Claims, Compliance, Client Service

YGC Solutions delivers!

We are well known for facilitating… [full story]

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Features and Benefits

What Makes YGC Valuable

YGC enables you to maximize collections and minimize costs using our pre-existing network of connected agencies and high-powered decision support tools.

Feature Benefit
More than 700 pre-connected law firms & agency users Immediate capability
Extensive report / analytic features Quicker, more insightful decisions
Self manage your vendor relationships Greater control
Hosted approach Faster deployment @ lower cost
Enterprise-class software Powerful, stable, scalable and secure
Delivering value since 2001 Proven solution

Use YGC to improve management and control over your collection portfolios and collection vendors:

  • Instant feedback on law firm and collection agency efficiency
  • Constantly updated specific portfolio profitability at your fingertips
  • Easy state by state performance analysis
  • Customized management reports in seconds